Kaminarimon. The First Gate (01 of 02) to the Sensoji Temple. Tokyo. 20161121_NN_Japan_China_0327-Edit 20161022_NN__N5D1389-Edit-Recovered 20160904_NickNieto__N5D0458-Edit g 20160618_NickNieto__1010700-Edit 20160527_NN__1000601-Edit 20160423_NN__N010442-Edit 20160227_NickNieto_AZ_5DMK3-0574-Scars-Edit 20160227_NickNieto_AZ_5DMK3-0215-Edit Casey standing on the steps at the Sydney Opera House in the early monring as a storm comes in. Proxy Falls - Oregon A fallen leaf in Autumn. Sunset along the Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 20150606_NN_28A9308-Edit Svörtuloft Lighthouse, NW Iceland. Morning window light streaming through a window in a room at the Nasrid Palace, Alhambra. Howling Dog Sea Stack - Bandon Beach on the Oregon Coast. USA. 20140227_NN20140227_NN__MG_1377-Edit 20140222_NN20140221_NN_TAJMAHAL Portland Japanese Garden 20121028_NN2012-10-28-NN-_MG_9963.tiff 20111012_NNFull-Res-Eiffel No. 2 Folding Autographic Brownie Vintage Camera Series www.NickNieto.com 20161123_nn_japan_china_0565-edit 20160227_NickNieto_AZ_5DMK3-0450-HDR-Edit Window Light falling onto the floor in a room at the Alhambra in Granada Spain. The Bridge at Moulton Falls Park Photography by Nick Nieto(541) 941-0195www.NickNieto.com