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20130906-091848.jpg Happy Friday! Here’s a couple of fun Car detail shots I took of my Mazda CX5 and my Wife’s mini cooper. I’ve been using these photos as a fun test of lighting with my new Lumopro LP180. I really like the new LP180 design and have been using it for a bunch of corporate headshots at my office. It’s been a nice upgrade from the old LP160. One of my favorite improvements is the fact it remembers my settings when I turn the unit off. I used to have to remember what power level each unit was at when I left the room and powered off, now I just come back right to where I was before :-). Overall the flash is great!


Back to my car detail images…I really like how they came out and look forward to more experimenting. Right now I’ve been keeping it simple with one flash inside a small attachable softbox doesn’t have an even spread of light inside the box and you can see it on the reflection in the mini badge. If anyone in Portland area knows someone with a cool car that would like some photos I would love to do some more experimenting and offer in exchange some prints :-)



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