A Bandon Sunset

Howling Dog Sea Stack at Sunset, Bandon, Oregon.

Bandon is probably the most beautiful spot I’ve been to on the Oregon Coast. It was my first time photographing the area and was amazed by the gorgeous beach and incredible sea stacks. It really was a photographers paradise. I was speaking to a friend Yesterday and he made the comment that you could spend a week shooting this beach and still not get bored! While doing my research I found a particular Sea Stack that caught my aptly nicknamed Howling Dog (Above – *corrected by a local expert I originally misidentified the sea stack as wizards hat another local seastack). We were fortunate enough to get a really fantastic sunset and wonderful moody blues highlights of orange. My last few attempts to shoot a sunset on the coast have been fruitless and made this epic sunset that much more bittersweet.

Landscape photography to me is a very meditative process. It requires slowing down, taking in and enjoying your surroundings.






6 Responses to A Bandon Sunset

  1. Tony N. says:

    Nick these are great – your pictures are getting better and better all the time.

  2. Lorna B. says:

    Love the way you captured the sky!

  3. Nate K says:

    Great photos Nick, love seeing the starfish!

    • Nick Nieto says:

      Yeah – it’s awesome that the starfish was there. After taking this photo I heard that a lot of the star fish on the West coast have been getting sick, so it was really fortunate to come across a couple of healthy starfish on this trip.

  4. So great you had a chance to come visit Bandon! The first photo is not Wizards Hat but Howling Dog :) Wizards Hat is a little further south on the beach. Left after going down the stairs at the Face Rock Wayside. You got some beautiful photos!

    • Nick Nieto says:

      Thanks you Patricia for the clarification. This was my first time photographing in the area and totally messed that up! In my mind I believed it looked like a hat so I just went with it, now I see the dog :-)

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