Winter Arriving

Winter is around the corner


Autumn Portrait of Casey

It is crazy but it feels like fall came so late and is leaving so quickly! The beautiful fall colors are steadily changing to bare twigs. As you know Thanksgiving is coming up this Thursday, and soon it’ll be December and we’ll be on to the Christmas season. I just cannot believe how fast time flies and the seasons change.

I want to bring this up because it feels like I barely got out and shot in the beautiful fall leaves. I missed a lot of opportunities I wish I could have back. The weather just wasn’t on my side this year and I compounded it by not using my time as wisely as I could have.

Over the weekend the weather was a hit or miss. There was rain, clouds, occasional breaks of sun and more clouds. However, I was fortunate on Sunday afternoon to get a break with Casey where the sun was slightly out and we found a patch of beautiful fall leaves. I’m afraid that I believe these will probably be the last opportunities I have for great fall backdrops this year. It just goes as a reminder to always take the time to get out and shoot and don’t let time pass you by.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, and remembers to get out and do the little things that you enjoy as time passes by.

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