Travel Portraits

Normally when I travel it is just me and my wife, Casey. This time however we decided to do it a little different and invited my Grandma (Midge), Dad (Tony), and Stepmom (Tory). It was an interesting experience traveling in a group and adding the additional challenge of trying to photograph everyone was even more of a challenge. My family seems to shy away from the camera a lot and it took a long time to get anyone comfortable enough for me to get real candid images without trying to sneak out a frame here and there. Below are some of my favorite portraits of us during the trip: 2013-03-21-NN-_MG_5908 2013-03-29-NN-_MG_3380 2013-03-28-NN-_MG_0057 2013-03-26-NN-_MG_9780 2013-03-25-NN-_MG_8448 2013-03-23-NN-_MG_8192 2013-03-23-NN-_MG_8152 2013-03-22-NN-_MG_6340 2013-03-21-NN-_MG_6023   2013-03-21-NN-_MG_5899 2013-03-21-NN-_MG_5882

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  1. Casey says:

    Love these… I’m so used to the camera now I don’t even notice when you’re taking some of these shots :)

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