The Streets of France – Video

The Streets of France from Nick Nieto on Vimeo.

This is a little video I put together with some of my street photographs from France and some timelapses that I took on our March trip to Europe. Most of the time lapses were done with my 5D Mark II mounted to the railings and fences with my gorilla pod. It was the first time using the Gorillapod ballhead (not pictured) and I had a few issues that Joby helped me fix via Twitter, they were awesome! It made making all time-lapses so much better. If you have a Gorillapod I recommend you use the ball head it is fantastic!

I recommend you watch it on vimeo because you can watch it in 1080P HD :-)

I really liked the body of work and wanted to find a way to share it.


4 Responses to The Streets of France – Video

  1. Casey says:

    Such a fantastic video!!!

  2. Nate says:

    Great video, love the time lapse shots.

  3. Nick Nieto says:

    Thanks Nate – I really appreciate it.

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