On the edge of Lake Pichola


One of the most enjoyable moments of my time in India was the morning on my last full day in Udaipur. I woke up early and explored the ground of our hotel making my way down to the edge of the lake. I was very pleasantly surprised to come across this boat anchored in the outlet (Photo Gods / Way to make my job easier!). The air was crisp and beginning to warm. There was a nice misty haze in the air. Time like these are quite wonderful, not only do I get make photographs but I also get to enjoy the calm beauty. The act of creating images becomes quite meditative and leaves me energized and happy. I think more people should try to take a moment either in the morning or evening to be alone in a beautiful place and focus on something you care about. It is quite rewarding.

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  1. Casey says:

    I love this photo, so beautiful.

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