Northern Ireland

The Giant's Causeway

Giant’s Causeway – Northern Ireland


This is the second major post from my trip to Ireland + Scotland. The first was about our visit to Trinity College – if you missed it you can read that here. I also wanted to mention I’m running a promotion for the rest of the year. All orders in the Print Shop are 15% off with the coupon code¬†“HolidayPrints13“. This includes every item in the print shop including the Giant’s Causeway image above.

Northern Ireland + the Causeway

Over the last week and a half I’ve been busy editing all of the photos from our recent trip and so far some of my favorite images were from Northern Ireland. We drove along the coast and explored the countryside, ate some great food at the Inns, and walked down to the Giant’s Causeway and were amazed by the magnificent natural beauty at this World Heritage Site. Just sitting there among these rock formations that seem otherworldly, watching the waves crash in is quite something to experience. We were very fortunate that on this day the weather was quite clear but very cold. We had the site mostly to ourselves other than a safety patrol person and a few other cold weather faring visitors.

If you are planning on visiting the site (which I highly recommend), we paid for parking at the main entrance and walked down along the road to the rocks. When I researched the Causeway some of the reviews said you could park on the road outside of the main entrance and walk down for free. I just used the on site parking which is paid for at the entrance, I didn’t mind having paying because the funds go toward the site and visitor center which had a ton of information on the formations.

The walk down from the visitor center is quite easy and it only takes about 20 minutes. The walk down is all downhill on a paved road with a sidewalk. The view is beautiful and was a great opportunity to get a small amount of exercise. Once down on the rocks you can explore to your hearts’ content. Just stay away from the edges of the water. When you are done you can continue along the trail and make a loop back up, walk back along the road, or take the bus back up the hill for only a pound. We opted to take the bus back because we were in a bit of a hurry and had to catch a flight over to Edinburgh.



The road down to the causeway


I wish I had more time to visit the other towns along the coast in Northern Ireland. There just wasn’t time. Casey’s grandma has relatives still in Ireland and I am sure we will be making trips back to the area in the future. Feel free to leave comments below about the photos or with any questions you have about our trip.

The Gear

For the readers that like to hear about the gear used, I love it. The image above was shot on a 5D Mark II with a 17-40mm lens and a 10 stop B+W ND Filter all locked onto my induro travel tripod. The majority of the shots from the trip were with either the 17-40 lens or my sigma 35mm lens. I also experimented a tiny bit with the Lumix GX7 (though Casey used the GX7 most of the time and got some great images with it).

 Other Images from Northern Ireland (click to enlarge)



Casey and I among the columns of rock at the Giant’s Causeway.



Dunluce Castle


20131211-204034.jpg 20131211-204014.jpg 20131211-203935.jpg

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