Iceland: Svörtuloft Lighthouse

Svörtuloft _Lighthouse_Iceland_Landscape_Copyright_NickNieto

One of my favorite experience during our recent trip to Iceland was our visit to the Svörtuloft Lighthouse. The lighthouse is situated out toward the tip of the Snæfellsnes peninsula, one of the most western spots on the island.

The lighthouse sits out on the edge of the cliffs and is accessed by a single lane dirt and gravel road that cuts through a fields of moss covered igneous rock. I really enjoyed the stormy weather that day it added a lot of mood to the images and our overall experience visiting the lighthouse. Not only was it cold and windy but the waves were crashing into the face of the cliffs like thunder which added to the overall dramatic feeling in the atmosphere. It was really neat that the lighthouse was painted orange it adds a great contrast against the darkness in the sky.


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The waves thundered against the cliffs

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I put together a short video of the waves crashing into the rocks. Check it out

6 Responses to Iceland: Svörtuloft Lighthouse

  1. Tony Nieto says:

    Great shots of the waves – reminds me of how powerful the ocean can be

  2. Brice W. says:

    Amazing photos, Nick! The lighthouse shot is incredible!

  3. Pat Bognar says:

    I love the lighthouse as well–that should be their official photo advertizing the town! What a great photo! Pat

  4. Perry says:

    Nice pics NIck!

  5. Laura Luethje says:

    Nick, What a wonderful collection. What an interesting lighthouse. You make it look so beautiful. Thanks for sharing

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