Godafoss: Waterfall of the Gods

Godafoss Waterfall, Northern Central Iceland.

One of the spots I was most excited to photograph during our trip to Iceland was this wonderfully beautiful waterfall known as Godafoss. To my understanding the name Godafoss translates to “Waterfall of the Gods”. The falls were named this because in Icelandic history one of their religious leaders (approx 1000AD) made the decision that the Icelandic people should convert to Christianity. As a symbol of his commitment he took his statues of Norse Gods and threw them into the waterfall. A pretty interesting story.

This stop was definitely a highlight during our time in Iceland. We drove from Akureyri and arrived at the falls about 4 AM. The light at that time was pretty nice but a tad bit harsher than I expected and made shooting the falls a little bit of a challenge. Because the light never really faded I think it would of been better to shoot closer to midnight and take advantage of the long twilight period. To overcome this I shot a number of images trying to maximize the data in my cameras histogram. By maximizing the data it allowed me recover a lot of the sky and show the moodiness we felt that day. I hope to someday get back to this spot and shoot again when the water is a hair lower and I can use the rocks as a strong foreground element.

This is probably the last of my Icelandic posts. We got some great images during the trip and I will hopefully return soon to this wonderfully mysterious country. As our

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  1. Pat VanHees says:

    This is SO FABULOUS! Worth returning to view again and again!!!

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