Day 1: In Transit!


Casey and I are on the first day of our newest travel adventure with our main destination of Marrakech, Morocco (NW Africa)! This day, as all adventures start out, is one of travel and transit. We are flying to Seattle and after a short layover we are taking a night flight to London. We are spending about a day in London then hopping on an EasyJet flight over to Morocco. We are very excited for this opportunity and both are looking forward to a vacation to rest and relax. Though this trip is to a new place and we plan on exploring what we can, we are definitely reserving time to take things slow, and enjoy the time in a calm meditative-like frame of mind.

This trip is not only an opportunity to learn, photograph and see new places, it’s also an opportunity to test out some things and push ourselves as travelers. First we are only taking carry-ons (something we haven’t done on a overseas trip before). If it doesn’t fit in the bin above and the space below our seats on the flight it didn’t make the trip! The other experiment we are implementing on this trip is not taking a laptop. If you know us, this sounds really crazy! We are trying to do the whole trip with our iPads as the main communications device. We will be using it to FaceTime, blog, do quick edits on photos, and act as our entertainment hub for the videos we watch at night and on the long flights! In fact right now I’m on the very first flight of the journey writing this mid flight on my iPad!

Wish us luck and stay tuned for future updates on this trip. Please leave comments if you find this interesting!

Our plane to London20120316-182338.jpg

Seattle Airport

3 Responses to Day 1: In Transit!

  1. Tony nieto says:

    I am excited to go on the trip vicariiously through your blog – have a great time and keep us informed- love your Dad

  2. Frank Nieto says:

    Have a safe trip and enjoy the excitement. Your aunt and I will follow you both. Have fun and try to relax, but I think that will happen when you all get back home. Savor the new experiences.
    Uncle Frank

  3. Adam says:

    Fun!! I’m keeping up on the blog, so keep the posts coming :)


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