Castle Hill Lighthouse – Newport, RI

Castle Hill Lighthouse - Newport, RI Click to enlarge

Castle Hill Lighthouse – Newport, RI
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On our second day of exploring the New England area we made our way down to Newport, RI and shot some photos of the Castle Hill Lighthouse. It was a beautiful spot just around the corner from the Castle Hill Inn. We parked at the Inn and followed the short trail over to the lighthouse. It was a great experience and weather was on our side. As we got there in the distance we a very dark rain storm. But the winds were on our side and blew the storm just off to the side of us and we only got the very edge of it for a few minutes. Casey deserves a lot of credit because the wind was cold and she found a little spot in the rocks and waited patiently for me to make a bunch of photographs.

This was probably my favorite shooting event from our trip to New England. We basically were completely secluded on the beautiful spot. The waves and wind were going gently and the sun came out for a tad bit. It was amazing.


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  1. Casey says:

    This shot turned out beautiful!

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