A Photographic Journal: Cambodia | (Part 1) The Temples


Cambodia was a really interesting place for us to visit. The people were extremely friendly, the food was great, and the  temples and ruins were breathtaking.

Unfortunately the timing and other circumstances made our stay in Cambodia a little rough. First, my wife had a touch of a cold that made it really hard for her explore like she normally would. I felt bad for her because she pushed herself really far in the heat and humidity to make sure I got to photograph as much as possible. Second, our hotel wasn’t a very good fit for us as travelers. The description online made us make assumptions about the hotel and amenities that weren’t true and forced us to rethink some of our plans. With these two elements at play it made the start of our stay in Cambodia a little stressful. However, the more time we spent in this country the more we grew to like it.


We got pretty dirty climbing over the rocks and debris in Bayon Temple

One of the main attractions people visit Cambodia to see are the temples and ruins. They simply are spectacular. We spent our time in Siem Reap where the most famous attraction in the area is Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world. It was massive and quite a sight. We explored the ruins at both sunset and sunrise. I was hoping for a great sunrise sky but unfortunately Mother Nature treated us to a boring cloudless morning. Angkor Wat is great but my favorite spot on our journey was in Angkor Thom City at Bayon Temple. This small temple was gorgeous, and the crowds were a lot lighter giving this temple a more intimate feel. If you are in the area I highly recommend visiting these ruins in the late afternoon. The light filtering through the surrounding trees was warm and soft. It made the hundreds of stone faces carved into the walls of the ruins really stand out.

The Temples / A Photographic Journal (Click on the images to enlarge)


The massive complex of Angkor Wat. This was the end of the day as the last of the visitors were starting to head back to town.


The jungle reclaiming it’s domain at Ta Prohm


The West Gate of Angkor Thom

The West Gate of Angkor Thom


The late afternoon light coming through the trees at Bayon was both beautiful and eerie.

A statues of Buddha at the edge of Bayon.

A statues of Buddha at the edge of Bayon.


The faces at Bayon were amazing and at sunset when the shadows grew deep, they seemed almost mystical.


The intricacies in the stone relieves were quite amazing.

2 Responses to A Photographic Journal: Cambodia | (Part 1) The Temples

  1. Tony says:

    Looks like an awesome trip. Great pics thanks for sharing.

  2. zenmonkees says:

    Really beautiful photos! My husband and I are visiting Angkor Wat in a few weeks, and we’re both really excited.

    And tell your wife good hanging in there with her cold- this heat and humidity can be really hard on the body!

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