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A few weeks ago I found out that one my images had been chosen as a pick of the month for The Digital Story monthly photo assignment from October. The theme for October was Panorama. I submitted a photo I took during a golf tournament of my good friend Glen during his match. The image was shot with an iPhone using the built-in Panorama mode. I was very surprised to find out the image was chosen as the pick of the month. As a result I won a free Sizzlpix. I went ahead and upgrade my free print to a larger size and submitted this image of the Manhattan skyline I took last November. I’ve never had my image printed on metal before but I’ve seen others and was very excited to get the final results.

After waiting about a week and a half my print came, much more quickly than I had even hoped. I didn’t see how the image was packaged as Casey opened up the box while I was away and hung the print on the wall, but looking at the remnants it looks like it was packed quite well. After spending some time examining the print I must say that I am extremely pleased with the final result. The details and colors came out wonderfully! I would say it really is like a retina display on my wall. The floating look is very dramatic and stands out on the wall. I would definitely recommend Sizzlpix for anyone interesting in putting their print on metal, it’s not cheap but well worth the final result!

I do however have a somewhat sad end to this story. After I spent some time looking at the print I must not have remounted the image correctly to the wall and after a couple of days the nail gave way and the print crashed on the floor. It was definitively my fault. The print itself for the most part survived, but the bottom third has a slight bend to it (only noticeable from the side, and the bottom right corner too quite a beating and is bent beyond repair :-(

Summary: Sizzlpix was awesome!!! Print quality amazing, I highly recommend them!

Link: SizzlPix Website

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