Icelandic Horses. Simply the Best.

Casey petting an Iceland pony on the side of the road in Iceland.

At one point during our exploration of Iceland we pulled over to take some photos of the horses on the side of the road. As I photographed them one slowly came over to me to investigate, he was quite cautious for a few minutes and I slowly held my hand out for him to sniff and look at. He eventually let me pet him and as I did he started to nuzzle my hand hoping for more attention. As soon as this approval happened all of the other horses hurried over seeking attention too. A white one made friends with Casey and wouldn’t let her alone. If she tried to pet another horse he would nuzzle her for more attention and look at her as if asking “why are you leaving me, you don’t love me!?” It was quite cute.

The whole experience was really neat being so close to these large but loving animals.  I’ve never been much for horses but I now have a great memory and have promised Casey to come back to Iceland so she can ride the horses.


More photos of the horses:

Two Icelandic Ponies standing in the snow covered land.

Icelandic Pony trying to sniff the camera! :-)

Icelandic pony prancing around in the snow.

Close up of the Icelandic Pony

5 Responses to Icelandic Horses. Simply the Best.

  1. Shelley says:

    Nick, those are great Pics!
    Thanks for sharing
    The horses look cute!

  2. Casey says:

    This was truly my favorite part of the trip!

  3. Pat VanHees says:

    good morning Nick

    thanks for sharing this special time!!

  4. Nate and Cierra says:

    Nice! I wonder if our 2 hour layover will give us enough time to see them…

    • Nick Nieto says:

      Too bad you won’t have a longer layover. Keflavik airport is really nice though so those 2 hours should be pretty comfortable (sadly no free wifi though).

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