My 12 Favorite Images (from the past couple years)

Over on the Photofocus blog Scott Bourne recently suggested a fun mini project for photographers to do over the holidays as they have some downtime. What he asked photographers to do is pick their favorite 12 images and make a mini portfolio/album out of these images. Then take a look at the collection you selected and learn from it. The general idea is to see what images you like yourself, find a common thread on what makes them a favorite, and give you direction on where to pursue your own photography in the future.I really liked this idea and have decided to take part.

The following images are my favorite 12 images that I’ve taken from the past couple of years:

Financial Forecast

Growth of Ideas

Portrait: Mike Nieto

Portrait: Pat Bognar

Portrait of my Grandfather: Age 94

Engagement Portrait

Fall Portrait

Portrait of Littlebear

Kodak Pony


Arc Du Triomphe

Eiffel Tower

I’m very happy with each of these images and think that they accomplished what I was trying to do in advance – each one has a story some obvious, others more hidden. I like that. I hope you enjoyed my favorite images. I hope a year from now I can take 12 images from 2012 and have as many favorites as I do now.  I know this project is for my own reflection – but if you have any comments I always enjoy reading them and learning from them.

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