Thor’s Well – Oregon Coast

Thors Well, Oregon Coast

I spent this past weekend celebrating my Birthday on the Oregon Coast. My wife Casey surprised me and set up the trip to Newport and arranged it so we could spend Saturday evening shooting photos of the sunset at Thor’s Well, a natural Salt Water Fountain on Cape Perpetua. As the waves come in they go underneath the overhang in the rocks. The waves then funnel into the hole undersea entrance and rise up through the rocks. Occasional as big waves come in the water shoots out from the giant hole in the rocks. It was quite a sight. See the video below of the waves spraying up through the well.

Unfortunately the sunset wasn’t quite as dramatic as I hoped but I did get a few images that I liked. The image above was taken just before the sun fully set and there was a little color in the sky in the distance. I was hoping for one of the grand pink sunsets but no luck. I’ll have to try again. We did luck out with the timing of the trip; high tide was at about 6:45 and waves continued to fill the well long into the sunset.

Some tips for others who want to photograph Thor’s Well. I didn’t actually see Thor’s Well on any of the maps in the park. We had to just find it. So when looking for it, it is right next to Cooks Chasm and across the Chasm from Spouting Horn. You can park at the pull out at Cooks Chasm (I didn’t see any payment forms at this spot so I don’t think you have to pay to park here). If I was to photograph this again I would bring waders or high boots to get in the pooled water closer to the edge of the well. Be very careful though as some big waves can spout out wildly from the well occasionally. It might be a good idea to have a rope of some kind just to be on the safe side of things.

It was quite a fun Birthday and am very thankful for Casey arranging it. :-)


You can see the waves spilling out of the well just beyond my tripod.


Video of the Waves Coming in:

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  1. Casey says:

    Beautiful photo! It turned out beautifully!

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