Kaeleen + Bill Engagement Photos

Kaeleen + Bill Engagement Photo

Kaeleen + Bill Engagement Photo

Last weekend I did an engagement session for some friends of ours, Kaeleen + Bill. They are getting married next fall and wanted to get a few shots to use in the future for their wedding prep. The shoot went great! They both are a lot of fun and aren’t afraid to let loose a bit and enjoy themselves and make a few jokes. We wandered the neighborhoods looking for fall colors or interesting scenes, shot some nice images, and finished the afternoon/evening with a great Mexican dinner at one of the local spots (Gotta love Carlos the waiter).

For photographers:
I wanted to mention how you don’t need a ton of gear to make a nice simple portrait. I shot the image above with one strobe light setup inside a cheap ikea Chinese lantern ($5) that my wife was holding to the side. The pacific northwest is full of clouds and the sky acted as a nice big soft fill light from above and my lantern was the main light (camera left). The whole setup was clean simple and cheap. Below is the setup with Casey holding the light. I got the idea for the Chinese lantern from David Hobby during his Flash Bus Tour stop here in Portland (a great event).

Casey holding Flash with IKEA Chinese Lantern

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