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Over the last few months I have been working really hard to improve my food photography portfolio. During the process I’ve tried to be really methodical about lighting and how the shapes, colors and textures play together in each of the images. These images were shot with a mix of natural light and also using flash photography.

The way I approach my food photography is by using real authentic food. The food in these images were consumed after the photo was taken.

(If you are on a computer / click images to enlarge)

Cast Iron Pan Fried Crispy Brussels Sprouts Rosemary sea-salt focaccia bread fresh from the ovenEdamame with Garlic Chili Sauce and Sesame Seeds Blackberries on a metal pan with water droplets Fresh homemade pasta rolled into nests Tiramisu on a plate with lavender Burrata salad with fresh arugula, blackberries, champagne grapes and balsamic Fresh produce from the portland state farmers market

***Special thanks to my wife, Casey, who has spent a bit of time manning the kitchen. She truly is an amazing chef. Check out her travel blog Land of MarvelsAnother special thanks to my Arcanum Master, Mason Marsh, for the feedback and counseling he has provided.

3 Responses to New Work | Food Photography Portfolio

  1. Casey says:

    Love how these turned out!

  2. This is a very well thought out portfolio. I like the rich textures and colors. Great work!

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