Days 3.5 – 4: Morocco

Moroccan roadway – Copyright Nicholas Nieto

My last blog post left off during my flight from London to Marrakech, Morocco and since that time it’s been pretty much a nonstop onslaught of amazing sites, sounds, and tastes. The people here have been extremely friendly and other then a few small incidents in the market haggling and fighting over prices it’s been quite wonderful communicating with them and learning about their culture.

Moroccan Chicken Bastille – Copyright Nicholas Nieto

Along with that the food has been quite amazing. Our first sampling of this city’s food was our first night dinner. After arriving at our hotel, we were shown into an amazing room with a ceiling that looks to be about 20-25 feet tall, given a chance to freshen up and then seated at a beautiful candlelit dinner table in the riad’s courtyard underneath the giant palm trees. Our dinner was a multi-course feast including a main course of a tagine of lamb and artichoke, and finished dessert with the most delicious poached pear I have ever had. All the food has been great, very robust but mild flavors that include touches of cinnamon, here and there, that leaves you warm inside.

Probably so far the highlight of the trip was watching a local Moroccan woman put a traditional henna tattoo onto the inside of Casey’s hands as we sat on the rooftop terrace of our riad. It was a very interesting sight and the skill she used placing the patterns so quickly was amazing and was neat to watch.

20120320-133423.jpgCasey’s Henna – Copyright Nicholas Nieto

Tomorrows plans are a bit more exploring as usual. Masalama / goodbye!

Heres some pictures from the day:






2 Responses to Days 3.5 – 4: Morocco

  1. Tory Nieto says:

    The pictures are amazing! It looks like you two are having fun. Can’t wait to see more pictures and hear about the trip when you get home. Enjoy your favorite city tomorrow.
    Hugs to you both.

  2. Adam says:

    wow, I would not have guessed! what an exciting adventure!

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