Days 2-3: London


The first few days of this adventure have been a really wonderful experience for Casey and myself. Our British Airlines flight from Seattle to London was great. It was the first time making the trip using that route and airline and it was quite nice. The flight was fairly comfortable, food was manageable and I got some sleep after watching the Adventures of Tintin on my ipad. We arrived in London a little early, about 11am on Saturday and breezed through the airport with our carry-ons; did I mention I love traveling with only carry-ons! We took a train to Paddington Station and grabbed a cab from there to our hotel. We stayed at the Metropolitan Hotel and gosh it was lovely! The staff was more then accommodating and the room was really nicely laid out and felt very sleek and comfortable. I would highly recommend it.


Our first day in London was very nice. Our day was fairly leisurely; we checked into the hotel, rested a bit and then took a long walk through Hyde park to the Kensington area. During the walk we came across a very neat pathway covered by an archway of vines which made for a great photo opportunity. It was one of the few spots I really got excited to shoot any pictures as the sky was grey and the light very bland. The archways gave me a way to control the light and hide the sky. The rest of our day consisted of finding a pub for fish and chips, walking through a few shops, navigating the tube, and seeing a few landmarks such as the Tower of London. Exhaustion and jet lag caught up with us and we hit a wall in the late afternoon. We made our way back to hotel and spent the rest of the day in for an early night.


On our second day we awoke (after a very long night of sleep) to a beautiful sunny morning, something neither of us expected. We got up, took a cab to a restaurant we saw the day before on the other side of Hyde Park and had a wonderful English breakfast. Yesterday we saw a spot at that that end of the park to rent bikes, so Casey and I rented a bike to share (we were going to get 2 but the machine wasn’t working quite right and we could only get 1 bike – though I might of accidentally paid for 4!). Casey rode to one end of the pathway and then I rode back, I don’t think either of us have been on a bike in years and it was a great time just peddling around the park, taking in the nice weather and watching the people and their dogs (lots of dogs!). The rest of our time in London consisted of the usual shuffle of bags from our hotel room, through the lobby, onto a cab, into a train, and through security at the airport to our next destination Marrakech, Morocco. I’m actually sitting on Easy Jet flight 8897 writing this and anxiously awaiting to land at our next stop.

I hope you enjoyed the update. Cheers!

Here are a few pictures from our time in London:
(Please excuse the quality of the image editing still experimenting with editing photos on the iPad)









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  1. Dad says:

    Where is your helmet? Looks like a blast thanks for the update

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