Day 5-7

Our last full day spent in Marrakech was much like the first, we woke to a wonderful breakfast in our Riad of fresh orange juice and pastries, which was served in the main courtyard and then we proceeded to explore more of the city. We walked through the spice market, the main square and got lost in the maze of alleys and roads. On the last evening Casey and I went up to the rooftop and took pictures of the city, the Riad, and some portraits of her. It was quite a unique place to visit and one both Casey and I enjoyed very much. The food was quite wonderful and the colors and patterns were everywhere, though I won’t miss waking up at 4 am to the prayer call echoing through the city from the loud speakers on the nearby minaret.

Some more images from Marrakech:





The last couple of days on our multi-continent adventure took us back to Europe and to both Casey and my favorite city to visit, Paris. Paris truly has been great way to end our adventure and truly has been the slow-down we’ve been waiting for. The days have been filled with walking the streets, sampling macarons and croissants, and doing the normal sightseeing. We stopped at Saint Chapelle a very hidden old chapel right down the road from Notre dame. It had the most amazing stained glass windows. The rest of the stops were the usual; Eiffel tower, Arc Du Triomphe, Notre Dame, and the Louvre. I took a ton of photos and already have some high expectations from a few of the images I looked at on the back of my camera.

The highlight for food on this stop was the most amazing french hotdog. They took two long thin hotdogs and put them in a fresh loaf of French bread baked it in the oven and covered it with a layer of parmesan cheese, I added a little Dijon mustard and ketchup and finished it off with some sparkling water. My kind of meal!

Well tomorrow morning is our last day and the beginning of the journey home. We have just enough time in the morning to run down to our favorite boulangerie and pick up a croissant and pain au chocolat before we head to the airport for our 15 hours of traveling to get home (4 airports / 3 flights).

See you back home! Leave a comment if you found this interesting.

– Nick

Some pics from Paris:








3 Responses to Day 5-7

  1. Adam says:

    Well done, you two. You make traveling look easy. I’m glad you were able to take this trip, and that you finished it off with such a wonderful trip to Paris. Safe travels back!

    • nicknieto says:

      Thanks for reading bud, we will have to catchup when I get back into the states. We definitely ave a lot if practice and do a bunch of little things that make travel easier!

  2. Joan Martin says:

    Oh Nick…how wonderful and fun to read that and see the pictures. I loved the sharing of the bike story in London.I love to start the day laughing…:)

    Beautiful pictures. What a thrill to look at the food too.

    Granny Joan

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