Countdown begins for Morocco

In just 3 weeks I will travelling to Morocco, actually the city of Marrakech to be more precise! This is a trip I am really looking forward to and I wanted to just put a little mention of it on the blog as both my Wife and I have started the prep work for the trip. Here’s just a few tips on what we do to prepare for a trip overseas.

1 – if the location is in a part of the world we have never been and have any concerns we notify the state department of our plans that way in case of riots or other crazy events they know we are their and can help us or our family get in touch with us.

2 – We make a photo copy of our passport and all different credit / identification cards we plan on taking. That way if our wallet is stolen or lost we know what was lost and can call the credit card companies to cancel our cards. We also in advance call each card and let them know we are going to be out of the country that way there is no concern when transactions start randomly popping up from say Africa (a place we have never been).

3 – We start looking at weather reports and planning the clothes we plan on taking. Casey and I try to to travel as light as possible without leaving any necessities. Our goal on this trip is to do the entire thing with just carry-ons. I will have a small camera bag as my personal item and my rolling carry on for everything else. By planning our clothing now we know if there is any items we need to replace or get new for the trip. For example since we are going to a country that is Islamic Casey has been getting dresses and clothing that are more conservative in order to not offend any of the regions culture. Also, I have purchased new shoes because we plan on doing quite a bit of walking during our trip.


4 – Before going overseas I like to call my insurance company and let them know my plans as I have extra riders on my Camera gear to protect me from theft and accidents!

I hope these tips help you if you ever plan on going overseas for vacation. Something I think every one should do at least once to understand the differences in our cultures.

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