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Last week I shot some photos of an interior project my wife did for my good friend Craig Mitchelldyer. The goal of the project was to update the look of his studio and tie things together to give it a more unified feeling between both the shooting and office area.

Because of the costs major renovations were not an option, instead the design was focused on the color and furniture choices in the space. The brick wall in the back was already painted so they changed the color to a sleek black and made it a stronger focal point and used the black as a highlight color throughout the space to connect everything. They kept some of the furniture in the sitting area that went well and organized the layout of the images and photo products to create a “wedding nook” where clients could see all of the different product in one area of the office. They then updated the office area with a new desk and storage tools to match. They continued the black highlights out into the shooting area and used racking hooks to organize the paper rolls, cleaning the look of the space up and making things easier to access.

Overall I think the project turned out really well and I think it feels more cohesive and very professional looking.

Here is a link to my wife’s design company – Reverie Design Studio





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