Skies the limits

When I’m not working on photo projects I’m the Marketing Content Coordinator for WCP Solutions and work out of their Portland Division. We recently installed a new slideshow display in the lobby to welcome customers and other guests. One of our strengths is our ability to deliver wholesale goods to customers on our own fleet of yellow trucks. We recently upgraded the fleet with some new trucks and we wanted to show them off on the slideshow.

Below is an image I created the other day during my lunch break. I walked outside and saw this pretty incredible cloudy sky and it made a great opportunity to create an image showcasing our facility and trucks. I had one of the drivers pull one of the new trucks in front of the receiving office and we fired away with a few frames.

Now the point of this post. I love this time of year the weather is diverse with rain, shine, wind and storms. Making creating images of building and places much more interesting.

WCP Solutions - Paper / Packaging / Jansan / Equipment

WCP Solutions – is a wholesale distributer which handles paper, packaging, jansan, and equipment.

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