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Marrakech - Click Image to Enlarge

As it’s been almost two weeks since I have gotton home from my multi-continental adventure with my wonderful wife Casey. I think I have had an appropriate time to rest, reflect, and process images and thoughts about the trip. After thinking about it, I think this trip was one of our most successful trips ever and for that I would like to share these thoughts with you.

First, I really enjoyed walking around and exploring Marrakech. I’ve been overseas a few times but this is probably the first time I really felt I was in an “exotic” land so far removed from the norms of my life. Our two other destination, London + Paris, were great transition destinations at the beginning and end of our trip that let us feel foreign but still had some sense of normality in our lives, thus making those destinations quite relaxing and enjoyable in their own right. Since I spent quite a bit of time reflecting and going over all the interesting things about our destinations in my other posts about the trip I will just link to those and not get into details here.

Day 1: In Transit

Days 2-3: London

Days 3.5-4: Morocco

Days 5-7: Paris

Second, travel was a breeze. We had no bad flights or incidents, which if you heard about our trip last year to Rome (I will never fly Air Canada again) this was a very pleasant change! As I mentioned in my very first post about the trip we used this adventure to experiment with how we packed and prepared for traveling. We decided that we would only use carry-on bags during the trip. One small bag under our seat and one above in the bin (and we wouldn’t try to fit a gorilla sized bag in the overhead bin! Only real carry-on bags). After traveling from Portland to Seattle, Seattle to London, London to Marrakech, Marrakech to Paris and the back to London, SEA and home to PDX I must say going carry-ons was amazing! First, we never had to wait for our bags at the end of a flight, we were at the front of the line for customs everywhere, and we beat the rush out to the taxis and trains. After long flights it was nice to just get right on the road to our hotel or home. Also, it made getting our bags in and out of the hotels that much easier! Our other major experiment on this trip was to go iPad only (no laptop!). This experiment was quite successful in the regard that my bag was so much lighter and going through security was easier because I never had to take anything out of the bag. I also really enjoy using my iPad for emails and surfing the web so that was a great experience. The only real drawback I found was that I had a lot of photos I was really excited about and editing them to the degree I wanted too just didn’t work for me on the iPad. So I had to wait until I got home to do some of the editing I would have liked on the trip. Because of the pain of uploading and editing my “big camera” photos, I ended up just using a lot of images from instagram and my iPhone to populate my blog posts during the trip. Overall it’s no big deal and it probably let me relax more that I didn’t spend much time editing and uploading files during the trip. So in the future unless I have a very specific need I won’t be bringing my laptop!

Third, after spending the better part of the last two weeks going through my photos; editing, organizing and adjusting I feel like this trip was probably the most successful in terms of photography. I had more images come out of this trip that I am very proud to share then probably and other trip. Since being home I have been posting one image a day on flickr for people to see. With each photo I am writing a caption to share more about my favorite aspects of the images and trip. I am trying to keep things somewhat chronologically and started with images from London and have moved on to Marrakech and will finish with Paris. I still have a few images from Marrakech to share and have some from Paris that I can’t wait to show you. I have included some small thumbnail versions on this post as a teaser but to see the larger versions I recommend you keep an eye on my flickr feed in the coming weeks.

Paris - Click on Image to Enlarge

London - Click to Enlarge

I really had a great trip and both Casey and I are starting to talk about next years adventure. For now I will keep it under wraps.
If you found this interesting please leave a comment, I love to hear from you.


2 Responses to Adventure Recap

  1. tony nieto says:

    Nick, makes we want to go on a trip! Great pictures and text.

  2. Adam says:

    Wonderful wrap up! and great idea to post one image to Flickr a day. helps keep people in suspense and adds more emphasis to each picture.

    You’re making sure to link to your blog posts from Flickr? That’ll help drive traffic.

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