A learning experience – Golden Gate Photo

Going into the San Francisco weekend I didn’t have much planned on what I was going to photograph, with one exception I wanted one really nice dramatic image of the Golden Gate Bridge. I had recently seen a photo taken by Brian Matiash of the Bridge from down on the beach, I really love this photo and think Brian did a great job with it. As soon as I saw his image I knew I wanted to be down on that beach. There were so many elements present at that location I wanted in my own image the rocks, water, the angle of the bridge that I knew I could get something neat from down there (I didn’t want to replicate his image but find something from a similar perspective). Unfortunately, after showing pictures to my hotel and the taxi, I was taken to the beach next door baker beach (instead of Marshall Beach which Brian told me on a google+ message). Baker Beach was a very nice, but didn’t have the right combination of elements to create an image with the perspective I wanted. Add that to the hazy boring day and my photograph of the bridge was definitely not want I wanted, it was nice and somewhat generic, but not what I wanted in pre-visualization. Because of the tide, and a number of other factors I didn’t have an opportunity to move over the beach I wanted that day. This is something I will have to eventually remedy in the future.

As I only really had one image I really wanted for the trip I would say photographically this trip was a bit of a letdown. So instead of looking back and thinking what a waste I’m going to chalk this up to a learning experience. When I want a specific shot I need to do the research in advance: figure out all of the details needed and plan each one and even have contingencies if something doesn’t work out. For this trip I should have known in advance exactly where I wanted to go, exactly the route to get there, the right time of day (I was much too early). Looking back I also realize that even if I did do everything right and had a plan in place, I would have been disappointed with the cloudless-hazy sky, there are just somethings you can control but I need to be ready to capitalize if everything does come in to place. This was a good learning experience that I will apply to all of my future shoots landscapes, portraits and all in between.

Here are a few other images taken during the trip on our exploration around the city.



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  1. Adam says:

    very nice. love the china town shot.

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