Scouting Trip: Ecola State Park

A couple of weekends ago my buddy Ryan and I took a quick trip over to the coast to do some exploring and scouting. I have had a number of people recommended Ecola State park and Indian Beach to me so we thought we would check it out. It was a beautiful drive over to the coast, most of the drive was sunny and the landscapes were covered in a bright white frost. The beach was really neat and I got a few ideas for some future images. Overall it was a great "scouting/exploring" trip. Below are some of the images we took along the way: 2013-01-19-NN-_MG_3953 2013-01-19-NN-_MG_4007 2013-01-19-NN-_MG_4017 2013-01-19-NN-_MG_4021 2013-01-19-NN-_MG_4096 2013-01-19-NN-_MG_4122 2013-01-19-NN-_MG_4142 9472cac65506b8331e08f84ddff7f494 a364ecec7caef6426bb1fb496751444e f580d9017c0f6fbc1f286874c6afa150  

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