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I have  good news and bad news… First with the good news.

I like to consider myself pretty advanced when it comes to technology and managing my digital life. My favorite tool to manage and edit my photos is a program which was made by Apple called Aperture. A few months ago I signed up to be a contributor over at and write some articles on how I use Aperture. My latest article was just published and it’s about using the Fonts window to customize text in the Aperture Bookmaking tool. Please check it out, I would greatly appreciate it!

Now, the bad news…

If you haven’t heard, earlier this month Apple unfortunately announced that they were officially ending development for Aperture. I’m sure you probably knew this already, it has been all over the internet. Since my Aperture article was just posted I thought it might be good for me to share my thoughts. Back to Aperture… This is sad, Aperture was a wonderful application and I really enjoyed how it managed the organization of my photos. Even though it’s sad it’s not the end of the world, Aperture users will have a few different options going forward.

First, current users can just do what they have been doing and continue using Aperture as it is. The program works fine now. Ending development doesn’t mean the program will stop working. It just won’t get any future enhancements. Aperture is still the same program it was last month. Go ahead and keep using it. While our at it go read my article and make a great looking book ;-)

The second option for Aperture users is that they can migrate over to a new application Apple is releasing for Mac OS X called “Photos”. The details are still scarce. But this program is replacing both Aperture and iPhoto and I believe is supposed to come out this fall when OS X Yosemite is released.

The third option for users is the option to switch to an alternative program such as Adobe’s lightroom app. I’ve been testing this a little bit.

For now I personally am going to keep using Aperture until more details about the features of the new Photos app come out. Aperture is supposed to get one more update to make it compatible with Yosemite theoretically making the program usable for number years to come, if you so choose.

Unfortunately the announcement of Aperture’s end will probably limit or possibly end the articles I put out about Aperture in the future. I’m still waiting to see how Aperture Expert will move forward. I’m hoping the subject of behind the scenes workflow will continue to be at the heart of the website. If it is I hope to continue contributing there in the future.

If you made it all the way to the end of this article then you probably care about Aperture. Go check out because Joseph has done a terrific job talking about what the end of Aperture development means and what the possibilities are for the future.

2 Responses to New Aperture Expert Article | Good News & Bad News

  1. kcsaling says:

    It’s such a shame to hear that Apple is ending Aperture, because I loved how both easy and versatile it was. I do use Lightroom predominantly, but I love Aperture for easy photo clean-up!

    • Nick Nieto says:

      Yeah. I’ve been testing Lightroom a bit. It’s definitely powerful. It just doesn’t handle the workflow part very well for how my mind wants to work.

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