I love my monkeypod


As I just finished my latest great adventure, which took my wife Casey and me to multiple continents, I’ve begun the process of organizing, cataloging, and editing the images from the trip. But after a conversation with someone on google+ I realized one piece of camera gear that I am so happy to have and use is my Joby Gorillapod, or as my wife always calls it the “monkeypod” since she thinks it’s a cuter name for it.

The Gorillapod has found a good home in my travel kit as it fits easily in both my carry-on bag flat and I can also roll it up and put it in my lens bag for walking about during the day. When I want to take a photo and hand holding the camera is not optimal I pull the Gorillapod and either set it up on the ground or wrap it to a pole, railing, branch, or anything else that presents itself as a good sturdy base for attachment! My Gorillapod is more traveled than many of my friends and I have happily used it in Paris, Rome, London, Marrakech and throughout the United States.

If you plan on doing any traveling in the future I recommend you pick one up. It comes quite in handy and can be even used to hold small lights for off camera flash images.






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  1. I love my Gorillapod as well. Works in a variety of situations and is *so* much easier to pack than a tripod.

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