Gear: New Bag (First Impressions)

Tenba Medium Messanger Camera Bag --- My new friend

Just as many other photographers out there I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect bag. A bag that functionally fits all of my needs and looks good. Do not get me wrong, I’m not a crazy camera bag whore with a closet full of bags; like some photographers I know. I actually have sold off all of my old bags on Ebay and have been using a nice canvas overnight duffle I got for $20 at Ross to carry my gear in. Well I think my search has ended (at least for now). I just purchased the Tenba Medium Messanger Camera Bag and when I got home from it’s maiden shoot my first thought about the bag was, “I love this new bag!”

So why do I love this bag?

It fits most of my needs really well:

First, for me the most important thing was that it carries loads of gear to a location. My standard kit for a location shoot usually consists of 4 lenses (50 f1.8 / 85 f1.2 / 70-200 f4 / 17 f4), it fit all 4 lenses no problem plus 2 flash units and my 5d Mark II camera body with battery grip. Then I threw in some other accessories like cards, batteries, filters, flash triggers and a gorilla pod. There was even more room for things like pens, and my iPad. The bag was like a magic gear carrying trunk! You may think to yourself, “that sounds like a whole lot to carry,” it is. For me this bag is my main transportation piece for my gear when I need to move it all. On smaller events nad outings I will instead take a smaller shoulder bag that fits a lens or two and maybe my gorillapod.

The second need I had was; all this had to come in a shoulder bag that I should be able to slide under an airline seat. From what I can tell it looks like it should fit in snugly.

The last thing I really wanted was a well designed bag in terms of aesthetics and functionality. If I’m going to be carrying this thing around to places like my office, to client shoots, or around town I want it to convey some level of professionalism but at the same time not stand out very much like a sore thumb with bells and whistles. I definitely think this bag is simple enough and sleek enough to fit all of those options. I chose the burnt orange color because so many people have black bags that they carry around, with the orange bag I should be able to quickly identify my bag and get to it quickly if I need too. With that said the orange is a very nice color and if there is anything to complain about in this regard I wish the bag came in more colors like other Tenba messenger bag and I would have loved to purchase this bag in their platinum grey color they offer on the messenger mini.

Now that I have stated all of the things I love about this bag there are a few things I would change:

I think the padding is a bit thick (just like all of the camera bags on the market) and I would love to see it implemented in a better way that adds even more space and potentially lightens the bag. The other thing I thought was strange is there is no tripod attachments. I’m not a super heavy tripod user but at the very least it would have been nice to do something for this. I guess that is all I can complain about. Not very much. This is a fantastic bag and from my initial inspection I think it is something you should check out too if you are in the market for a magic gear carrying trunk.

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  1. Noah Horstman says:

    If I had a bag like that I would consider myself a STUD MUFFIN!

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