Family Photo

Portrait of the Nieto Family (Tony, Tory, Nick, Casey, Michele, Derek, Mike and Staci)

Last weekend I was down in Medford to visit my family for an early celebration of the holidays. We started the day with a family portrait, we visited during the afternoon, had a french inspired family dinner (in honor of our future trip to France next spring) in the evening, and finished the night by playing a game of liars dice (a family tradition). It was nice seeing everyone and spending time together.


Photo / Lighting Specs:

I didn’t have a very big gear kit so I had to try and make due with what I brought down. I shot the photo with a 5D Mark II and a 17-40mm f/4 lens (shot around f/5.6). I lit the room with two lumopro LP-160 on the left side of the room firing up at the ceiling to bounce the light around. One of the LP’s was mounted on a gorilla pod attached to a bar stool. The other laying down on a stack of blankets on another bar stool. I would have rather used a shoot-through umbrella or something large to spread the light out better but this is what I had, and made do. It will make a nice memory.

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