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From Fall to Frozen.

It seems like I spent the last few Months waiting for the Autumn colors to peak and as soon as fall foliage hit it’s stride the ice came… It was wonderful while it lasted, but way to short. When I look outside the colors are still available but the brilliance we had a couple weeks ago is far more muted. I put together a quick video as part of a snap challenge in my cohort for the Arcanum, a new education based photo community I’ve joined. It’s designed around the master/apprentice ┬álearning scenario. One mentor leads a group of 20 apprentices as we work on challenges and progress to higher levels. From my perspective the whole thing is about having a good community to help push you forward with your skills by keeping you active in challenges that produce new work. I’m currently a level 7 apprentice in Mason Marsh’s cohort… at each level you have a new activity to complete before you can move up to your next challenge. Every 4 or 5 challenges there is a critique of your recent work. It’s a great opportunity to get fresh eyes on your work and see other peoples perspectives.

Below is a sample of some of the work I’ve been doing since joining the Arcanum:

Fields of Lavender

Just got back from an awesome 4th of July weekend trip up to Annacortes and San Juan Island in NW Washington. We took the trip up to explore, photograph and relax. We stayed at the Swinomish Casino and Lodge just a little bit outside of Annacortes. The hotel was a great home base for us and had a beautiful view of the water.

Saturday we took the ferry over to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. What a beautiful place. One of our stops was at the Pelindaba Lavender Farm about 10 minutes outside of town. The fields were stunning, the scents were wonderful, and the atmosphere really peaceful. It was my first time to any of the islands and I can tell already it won’t be my last! I really liked the two images below and wanted to share them with you.

Fields of Lavender


Trip to the Oregon Coast.

Last weekend Casey made the suggestion that we make a day trip over to Cannon Beach for an afternoon on the Oregon Coast. I did some experimenting with my camera and made a movie with some timelapse footage I shot on my Canon 5D and some stills from it as well.

PS – I have the worst sense of music so if anyone has a better song for this they want to recommend let me know.

Afternoon on the Oregon Coast from Nick Nieto on Vimeo.

Icelandic Horses. Simply the Best.

Casey petting an Iceland pony on the side of the road in Iceland.

At one point during our exploration of Iceland we pulled over to take some photos of the horses on the side of the road. As I photographed them one slowly came over to me to investigate, he was quite cautious for a few minutes and I slowly held my hand out for him to sniff and look at. He eventually let me pet him and as I did he started to nuzzle my hand hoping for more attention. As soon as this approval happened all of the other horses hurried over seeking attention too. A white one made friends with Casey and wouldn’t let her alone. If she tried to pet another horse he would nuzzle her for more attention and look at her as if asking “why are you leaving me, you don’t love me!?” It was quite cute.


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