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Exploring Iceland

A series of images from Iceland that I liked from our guided tour of the golden circle and the south coast. (click on images to enlarge):

The mighty waterfall Gulfoss roaring on a snow covered morning. - Iceland.

This is Gulfoss the “Golden Waterfall” and one of my most anticipated
photographic stops. Online I found that the waterfall gets its name from the fact that the glacial water that flows down the falls is full of very fine sediment that the glacier collected as it carved through the land. When the sun shines on the falls it has a “golden” glow to it as the sediment reflects the light back. My guide however offered another story (I have yet to confirm it) but back in the days of the vikings. One of the viking rulers didn’t want his children to have his gold, so prior to dying he took all his gold and loaded it in a chest, he then cast the chest into the falls where his children could not find it.


Iceland: Land of Fire + Ice.

Snow powdered road Iceland - Golden Circle.


I’m now back from my holiday weekend in Iceland with Casey. We took advantage of the time off form the Thanksgiving holiday in the US and headed off on a new adventure. It was quite a trip, there were some highs, lows and all in between. One of the main challenges was a fierce case of Jetlag over there. We just could not get situated on their time and were exhausted at random times throughout the day. Making it hard to get a good schedule down to explore. Now that we are home we are starting to get back to a better sleep cycle. On our second day of the trip we took a guided tour of the Golden Circle area of Iceland. I was amazed at the landscape and how empty and stark it was. There were hardly any trees making the area feel very expansive and empty. Quite an interesting feeling. During the tour we were lucky to have quite a variation of weather conditions from overcast, haze, rain, snow, and sun and all in between! I took the above image out on the journey. I loved how it showed the stark landscape as if it was disappearing into the haze and mist of the storm.

Autumn along the creek.

One of my favorite images from my trip out to the Gorge this weekend.

Multnomah Falls

My wonderful wife was busy all day with her NCIDQ exam for Interior Design (which I know she did fantastic on!). While she was busy testing I had some free time to go and explore the Colombia River Gorge. I headed out early and made my first pilgrimage to Mulnomah Falls.

Multnomah Falls - Outside fo Portland, Oregon.

“Behind the Scenes:”

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