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Postcards from Amsterdam, Germany and Austria

I recently got back from a 7 day trip to Europe. We started in Amsterdam. Then went to Germany and drove from Munich south into Austria. It was a great trip. Below are some of the images from the trip:





Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck, Austria

hallstatt austria

Hallstatt, Austria

Favorite Images of 2016


Overall I think 2016 was a good year for me. I got to go to some amazing places including three of Wonders of the World: The Coliseum, Machu Picchu, and The Great Wall. It was a busy year and travel in many ways felt like my only escape. Work was incredibly busy. We also moved at the beginning of the year into a townhouse in NW Portland. I’m still extremely excited about our new place but it took a lot of energy moving in and getting situated. Between the move and work, I didn’t get time to do much personal photography other than what happened during travel which was a little bit of a bummer. In 2017 I am going to try and find time to improve my personal photos.  I recently purchased a drone and I’m excited to do some aerial photography with it. READ MORE

Adventure to Antelope Canyon


Last month I visited Antelope Canyon which is located just outside of Page, Arizona. I’ve been wanting to photograph this canyon for a long time and the experience didn’t disappoint. These were some of the most beautiful rock formations I have ever seen. As we explored the canyon it felt like we were adventuring into the heart of the earth. It was an amazing experience and I hope to go back there again.

The day of the shoot, Casey and I got up early and drove to Page from Sedona.  This image was taken along the highway in the dessert.


Somewhere in the desert…

To visit the upper canyon you have to have a Navajo guided tour. We booked our tour with the Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tours at the recommendation of Brian Matiash (my friend Mason introduced us during a photowalk in Portland). Before the tour began we were treated to a ring dance from a Navajo Dancer. I believe he said his name was Wesley but I can’t remember for sure. After the dance I spoke with him for a few minutes and he let me take this quick portrait before we left for the canyon.


Portrait of Navajo Ring Dancer

We were trucked about a mile out into the dessert in a 6 wheeled off road truck. There we met our awesome guide Roman. He was great, he had a great attitude and  seemed very knowledgable and gave us some basic starting tips about camera settings and vantage points in the Canyon. He also did a great job managing other visitors in the canyon by keeping them back while we were able to photograph empty spaces and corridors. It was awesome!


Our guide Roman. Here is was setting the ground rules from our group. We had more people than usual in a photo tour and we had to work as a team to get the photos we wanted.



Falling Sand: Sand flowing over the edge of the rock like a waterfall.

Antelope Canyon - Texture of rock and scars

I love the textures and tones of the canyon. This crack caught my attention. A scar cut in the smooth rock. This was one of my favorite images from the tip.


The Flame.

20160227_NickNieto_AZ_5DMK3-0400-HDR-Edit 20160227_NickNieto_AZ_5DMK3-0639-HDR-Edit 20160227_NickNieto_AZ_5DMK3-0393-Merge-Edit-Edit 20160227_NickNieto_AZ_5DMK3-0538-Edit




Casey using a tripod for the first time with our Lumix GX7!


Casey took this of me while I was photographing the corridor with the logged wedged into the rock.



I shot the Canyon with the new Canon 11-24mm F/4 lens. This was a fantastic lens for the canyon. The ultra wide angle let me really accentuate the curves and shapes even in tight spaces. One thing that I had a bit of a problem with was the dust. I had to constantly wipe my lens down. When I shot upward into the light there were specks and marks all over my pictures. I would recommend having extra wipes and a blower if you don’t mind carrying it. My last tip is to take a moment to be in awe at the beauty of the Canyon. It’s easy to get in there and just go to town with photos and forgot to enjoy the moment and the spectacle provided by mother nature.



This trip wouldn’t be possible without my Wife Casey. She organizes and plans all of our trips. Special thanks for helping me take Antelope Canyon off of my bucket list. I took this photo of her at the edge of the parking lot back at the Adventurous Antelope Canyon Tour headquarters.


Godafoss: Waterfall of the Gods

Godafoss Waterfall, Northern Central Iceland.

One of the spots I was most excited to photograph during our trip to Iceland was this wonderfully beautiful waterfall known as Godafoss. To my understanding the name Godafoss translates to “Waterfall of the Gods”. The falls were named this because in Icelandic history one of their religious leaders (approx 1000AD) made the decision that the Icelandic people should convert to Christianity. As a symbol of his commitment he took his statues of Norse Gods and threw them into the waterfall. A pretty interesting story.

This stop was definitely a highlight during our time in Iceland. We drove from Akureyri and arrived at the falls about 4 AM. The light at that time was pretty nice but a tad bit harsher than I expected and made shooting the falls a little bit of a challenge. Because the light never really faded I think it would of been better to shoot closer to midnight and take advantage of the long twilight period. To overcome this I shot a number of images trying to maximize the data in my cameras histogram. By maximizing the data it allowed me recover a lot of the sky and show the moodiness we felt that day. I hope to someday get back to this spot and shoot again when the water is a hair lower and I can use the rocks as a strong foreground element.

This is probably the last of my Icelandic posts. We got some great images during the trip and I will hopefully return soon to this wonderfully mysterious country. As our

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