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From Fall to Frozen.

It seems like I spent the last few Months waiting for the Autumn colors to peak and as soon as fall foliage hit it’s stride the ice came… It was wonderful while it lasted, but way to short. When I look outside the colors are still available but the brilliance we had a couple weeks ago is far more muted. I put together a quick video as part of a snap challenge in my cohort for the Arcanum, a new education based photo community I’ve joined. It’s designed around the master/apprentice  learning scenario. One mentor leads a group of 20 apprentices as we work on challenges and progress to higher levels. From my perspective the whole thing is about having a good community to help push you forward with your skills by keeping you active in challenges that produce new work. I’m currently a level 7 apprentice in Mason Marsh’s cohort… at each level you have a new activity to complete before you can move up to your next challenge. Every 4 or 5 challenges there is a critique of your recent work. It’s a great opportunity to get fresh eyes on your work and see other peoples perspectives.

Below is a sample of some of the work I’ve been doing since joining the Arcanum:

New Aperture Expert Article | Good News & Bad News


I have  good news and bad news… First with the good news.

I like to consider myself pretty advanced when it comes to technology and managing my digital life. My favorite tool to manage and edit my photos is a program which was made by Apple called Aperture. A few months ago I signed up to be a contributor over at and write some articles on how I use Aperture. My latest article was just published and it’s about using the Fonts window to customize text in the Aperture Bookmaking tool. Please check it out, I would greatly appreciate it!

Now, the bad news…

Featured by APC and Discounts in the Print Shop!


Today I am featured on the Artistic Photo Canvas website in their “In the Limelight” series. It was a huge honor to be featured and I am very excited to share this with you. They asked a series of general photography related question and let me describe the behind the scenes of one of my favorite images I’ve had printed by them on Canvas. I have been using APC for a number of years now and love getting my work printed on Canvas. It looks fantastic large on my wall and hope you will have the opportunity to check them out.

All of the Canvases printed in my Print Shop I have created by their professional team.

Not only because of this limelight feature but to also celebrate my birthday in a few weeks for the rest of June all products in my print shop are 15% off!

Use the coupon code “june_celebration” for the discount.

Click Here to Visit the Print Shop Here

If you have any issues, questions, or if you see an image in the print shop or elsewhere on my website that you wanted printed in a different size or print type (like on metal or acrylic) feel free to get a hold of me and I will get a custom package set up just for you – I’ll make sure to apply the coupon code there as well! I can be reached on email via  [email protected] or twitter @nicknieto

Adventure Bound | India + Cambodia

Just a quick update. In a few days Casey and I are embarking on an adventure to Asia. Our two main destinations are India and Cambodia and there will be a small detour in Thailand as we pass though the area. Some of the highlights will be a special guided tour of the Taj Mahal.

I have a lot of photography planned and will be posting updates on Twitter, Instagram and Google+ as the journey progresses. This is going to be an interesting trip and I’m expecting I will be photographing a variety of subjects. I’m packing my 5D Mark II as my main camera and a Lumix GX7 as a secondary camera.

Let the adventure commence.


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